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Our inventory changes each year, below are the current varieties of the trees we has available for digging fall of 2020.

Trees pictured are not necessarily still in stock, but we hope that you will see something that sparks your interest enough to come out and look around at what we have. You are able to pick out trees at anytime of the year, although we dig trees while they are dormant, normally December through February.

Please give us a call - we would love to help you find the right tree for you and your yard. 


Bald Cypress

"Shawnee Brave"


"Royal Raindrop"

"Spring Snow"





"Presidential Gold"

Goldenrain Tree


"Autumn Blaze"

"Flash Fire"

"John Pair"

"Red Pointe"

Bur Oak




Swamp White Oak

"American Dream"




The best times to come pick a tree is when the tree you are looking for in bloom or turning color. This means, if you are looking for a tree with spring color - try coming out in mid to late April. If you are looking for a shade tree, come during the summer - find an Oak or Elm. Or perhaps you need a tree that will light up your yard during the fall - come out in early October to see the brilliant maple trees. Being a small farm we are normally able to give each customer a personal tour and you are able to hand pick your tree! Some cities will give vouchers to homeowners for one new tree each year - check with your local city department or chamber if your city has this offer.

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